DISCLAIMER: If you’ve reached this page looking for resurrection or other resuscitating services, turn back now, as I have absolutely no supernatural abilities. If, however, you’re here looking for editing, this is the place for you.

You love your story. Or, you hate your story. Either way, you need an editor who has read and edited a vast array of tales to delve into it, take it apart, find out what makes it tick, and put it back together, more well written and with a plot, setting, and characters that work cohesively to entertain, engage, and interest readers. That’s where I come in. I care about your story, and I want it to be the best story it can be. With that in mind, my editing style is uncompromising, while always moving towards the best version of the piece you want.

As far as genre goes, I have the most experience working with Speculative Fiction. I’ve worked on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror magazines, such as the now defunct Bastion Science Fiction Magazine, and Fantasy Scroll Magazine. I also dabble in editing literary fiction and welcome any chance to.

If you’re interested in the editing services I offer, or what genres I have the most experience and best eye for, head on over to the Services page. If you’re looking to read some of my thoughts on writing, including tips, rants, and ramblings, head over here.

Hope to hear from you soon,