Nick Lazzaro

I am the primary editor at, and founder of, Lazarus Editing, hence the name.

I have been an editor, either freelance or at a magazine, for five years now. My first and longest position was at the now-defunct Spoke the Thunder Magazine, a non-speculative magazine. At that publication, I went from Slush Reader, to Public Relations Editor, to Editor-in-Chief, a position in which I spent a year and a half.

After I moved on from Spoke the Thunder, I spent another year or so working as the Assistant Editor of Bastion Science Fiction Magazine, which saw several issues become bestsellers during its meteoric lifespan. There, I read slush, made final decisions on stories passed up the chain of command, copy edited, and proofread issues.

This experience cultivated my love for speculative fiction, which is why I transitioned to Fantasy Scroll Magazine, which works with all types of speculative fiction. There, I spent time as a Slush Reader and Editor until it stopped accepting submissions this summer.

I use this experience alongside a love for writing and speculative fiction, to work tirelessly to make your story the best version of itself it can be!

I hope to hear for you soon!