Editing Services


Lazarus Editing offers expert services in proofreading, copy, and content editing. Each service provides a more focused analysis of the piece. My goal, in all of these services, is to help you create a beautiful piece of writing to send to a magazine or an agent, to publish yourself or to hang on your fridge for all to see.


First and foremost, I should say that I don’t believe that genres are hard and fast lines. With that in mind, every editor has their preferences in genre, and every editor should make that clear, for the benefit of all involved.

My experience in editing lies in a few fields, but there are some genres I rarely read, never edit, and don’t especially enjoy. Pieces which only examine romance, to the exclusion of everything else, generally do not interest me. Pieces which are explicitly Young Adult, and follow the tropes common to that genre, again to the exclusion of everything else, are not my forte. Beyond that, I have experience and interest in all forms of literary fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

If you have any questions about my preferences and thoughts, just send me an email via the Contact page.

Descriptions of each service can be found below. Standard rates can be found here, but each writer’s needs are different, and therefore, rates must be determined on a case by case basis.

Developmental/Content Editing

Maybe you haven’t had a practiced eye read through your manuscript and tear apart the weaknesses, from characters to plot. Maybe you’ve had people take a look, but their feedback hasn’t been much help. Every piece, long and short, needs its plot, characters, setting, and overarching style critiqued, considered and polished. This service does all that and more.

I’ll read through the whole manuscript, noting inconsistencies, weaknesses, and endemic issues in prose throughout. I will then send a marked up copy, along with a comments section, back to you. From there, we will either exchange emails, or speak via Skype, about my comments, allowing you to ask questions and defend your choices while allowing me to clarify and use your input to more fully implement your vision for the manuscript. This tends to take place over at a few conversations via Skype, or a gratuitous number of emails. I find the Skype meetings to be far more useful, however, the method by which we have these discussions is your prerogative.

Line Editing

The plot’s all set. The characters are sculpted of the finest marble, then given a fresh coat of dirt or blush or whatever they’d fancy. Themes arise. Still, some spark missing. In this case, line editing is right for you.

Line editing requires a little less explanation. Essentially, I go through the manuscript twice, first for the surface level mistakes, then for the deeper stylistic issues throughout.I leave both comments for places with questionable stylistic choices and track changes for the more cut and dry things, so make sure to go through my comments. After you’ve done so, I am more than happy to meet over Skype or answer questions via email dealing with any of my comments or on the writing on the whole.

As an aside, if you’ve taken great liberty with the standard rules and regulations that govern the stodgier parts of language, then I’ll point out the purposeful rule breaking done throughout the piece and make you explain it. Of course, I’ll assume you’ve done so to elicit some dramatic emotion or create some whimsical atmosphere. Maybe the meaning behind the piece exists only in the creative use of indefinite articles. However, if you can’t give reason enough to someone trying to help you, then maybe you should rethink your avant-garde take on colons.


The last step before you push your piece out of the nest and into the calloused hands of a careful publisher.  If your story is a punch to the gut, your style is airtight, and you just need someone to go through with the fine-toothed comb that is the Chicago Manual of Style, then this is what you need. I’ll go through the piece carefully, looking for spelling, grammar, and usage mistakes. For the most part,I simply use track changes, however, I often write comments as well if I believe you’ve done something unorthodox with some purpose. if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them via email.